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Here is a collection of integral-food recipes that we have found enjoyable! In my kitchen, what matters most is the integrity of an ingredient, not the aesthetic of the product. While palatability is a gift, our palates deceive us sometimes into trading good for tasty. I don't believe integrity grains need defending nor compromise, for they are Truly Good. Receiving them as they are is the fullest blessing to receive from The Word to us in "bread". We've also been deceived into thinking complete equals heavy or bad tasting. These are myths, passed down by the untaught.

The truth is—all the adjectives bakers aim for: fluffy, airy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth, flaky...bread was never supposed to be any of those things. How is using a staff with any of those characteristics in any way wise? Bread is for substance. For fullness. The trading of substance for convenience and pleasure is robbery. Commercial food is poison—offering us mere fragments, fractions of nourishment. Bread isn’t supposed to taste like nothing so it can carry the jam to your mouth. Bread as it should be is satisfying, truly good and able to nourish. This is why bread has gotten a poor representation and is often avoided by the health-conscious--the modern version is mere sugar compared to what bread was made to be.

I prefer to use ancient grains such as barley, spelt, khorasan, emmer and oats. I avoid crops that have been sprayed for harvesting convenience, as this is destructive to the body. We cannot expect it to kill physical bugs and plants, and not kill also the life within our own body. 

I've dropped the "sourdough" label, since this process is true and integral to life. This isn't "sour", it is simply bread. The alternative is unleavened bread.

Fresh Leaven Recipes

Cinnamon Rolls II (kamut, soft white & potato)

Rendered Leaven Recipes:
(for using up excess, 
or for recipes in which the purpose is 
digestibility, but strong gluten and 
high rise are not the desired effect)


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