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I heard the phrase "thrives on routine" a few days ago. I know it's a commonly accepted virtue nowadays. For most people it carries a virtue in it, or simply describes the way one is designed. Do we do this because we only have so much attention? We must make things happen in a way that doesn't require the mind to complete what has to be done? That we can "get away" with mindless work or use "spare time" in a way that pleases us? Does forcing a routine simply mean I am trying to manage multiple yokes: motherhood, generosity, diligence, learning, relationships, disciple-making, money-making/keeping? Even with expertly managed routines, multiple yokes are exhausting. This is not The Life. I believe discipline is very, very different than religion. Being a disciple requires attention...when Christ appointed the apostles and they were writing letters and spending energy and time on people they loved, with their attention and gifts, they were called


I enjoy the thesaurus because I enjoy words. I get this from my Father. Words are a Good Thing. I think I was made to contemplate and ruminate them in a special way. A while back I contemplated that the word yield both means to produce and to give way, and also to bear--but also bear means carry, as a load. This morning I found out the word treasure  in Matthew 6:19 is the same Greek word that thesaurus is from, literally meaning storehouse of words! Never knew this before today. You just never know what you'll find out when you dig. Philemon 1:6 has been ruminating in me. I think the NLT version gets closest to what I gather from the original Greek text, but I do love assimilating the Word in the unique language that the Spirit offers to me...I love the freedom of letting the Word speak for Himself: I pray that the through your participation of confidence (given to you by God) may morph into productive, energetic action, through the knowledge (gained by first-hand experienc