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I enjoy the thesaurus because I enjoy words. I get this from my Father. Words are a Good Thing.

I think I was made to contemplate and ruminate them in a special way. A while back I contemplated that the word yield both means to produce and to give way, and also to bear--but also bear means carry, as a load.

This morning I found out the word treasure in Matthew 6:19 is the same Greek word that thesaurus is from, literally meaning storehouse of words! Never knew this before today. You just never know what you'll find out when you dig.

Philemon 1:6 has been ruminating in me. I think the NLT version gets closest to what I gather from the original Greek text, but I do love assimilating the Word in the unique language that the Spirit offers to me...I love the freedom of letting the Word speak for Himself:
I pray that the through your participation of confidence (given to you by God) may morph into productive, energetic action, through the knowledge (gained by first-hand experience) of every Good Thing that is in you for Christ's purposes.

That you put into practice the generosity that comes from your faith.

"Now this I say--he who sows sparingly {because of a fear of lack or running out} will also reap sparingly. And he who sows bountifully {blessing, a gift, praise} will also reap bountifully.

It reached the center, that the word bountiful doesn't mean a lot. Generously in that Word has always come across as put down a lot of seed. While a lot of seed is a gift, a blessing, the picture I get now is with gratitude, without concern of limit. Sow a gift, reap a gift. Sow a blessing, reap a blessing. Sow honor and respect, reap honor and respect. Sow Good Things, reap Good Things. Sow fear and scarcity, reap fear and scarcity.

"Each one do just as he brings up out of his own heart. Not a "product" of external manipulation, forced by religious thinking and fears, but the organic and abundant yield of a heart confident in God. For God LOVES a joyous (one inclined by delight) giver!"

"And (of course) God is powerful to abound every grace, gift, benefit and welfare, TO YOU, so that always having everything you need, you will ALSO have an abundance for every Good Thing God invites you to participate with Him in doing. "

There is no fear in Love.

I've come to reason that every time I experience worry about running out (of anything: rest, time, money, food, energy, health) , I am participating in orphan thinking. 

Now He Who Supplies (lavishly furnishes) seed to the sower and bread for eating will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.

I don't get to increase my own harvest, I can only participate in diligence with the Good Things He has already put into my life. This requires confidence, because an orphan gathers things away to use later, when He might not be still good and generous and faithful.

*all that is given back to Him increases and abounds*

You will be enriched in every--all, the whole & complete, undisintegrated, integrity-focused, simplicity--way, which through us is producing a crop of thanksgiving TO GOD.

It was never about us and our reputation.

"I was young and now am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken, or His children begging (baqash-concerned, demanding, pursuing) for bread." Orphan behaviors.

"Fear not, little flock, for YOUR Father has chosen gladly, is delighted, to give YOU His kingdom!"

"The earth is SATISFIED--sated, whole, filled--with the fruit of Your work... 
These all look to you, to give them their food in DUE SEASON. When you give it to them, they gather it up; when you open Your hand, they are filled with Good Things".

Yes, we gather. What He's offering. The energy and diligence to do this as a steward is a Good Thing...but doing it with complete attention to the Spirit is the only way that this won't manifest in miserly, selfish behaviors. Gathering (or trying to hold onto) more than He offers doesn't mean we will have more, it means we are wearing ourselves out and filling the wrong storehouse. Remember the manna?

Do not lay up (collect, save up) FOR YOURSELVES [interesting, this sounds separate from a gift offered, as opposed to being given, a person is TAKING and HOLDING ONTO] treasures (here's the word: thesaurous--a treasury or storehouse of "valuables")  of earth (the visible place of human existence and habitation)
     This place and it's stuff isn't the real deal.  Here is where we gain confidence that the true value is not what is seen. It is a Good Thing to be alert to how attached I get to visible things--for the Father trains those who are His, to NOT collect up and be concerned with this, but to put attention to what is not seen but perceived--the generosity and endless Love of the One who gave it!
...but store up for yourselves (receive and gather with intention) treasure in heaven, where nothing disintegrates or can be eaten away or stolen.

FOR WHERE YOUR TREASURE (treasury or storehouse of valuables) is, your heart FOLLOWS.

Appetite follows attention.
Attention is worship.
Worship of things is idolatry.
My children. KEEP YOURSELVES from idols.

If my appetite is fixed on anything visible it is not fixed on Substance.
Pleonexia, Colossians 3:5

"You cannot serve (be a slave, subject to, obey or be invested in) God AND mamona": riches, money, property, possessions--treasure a person trusts in

For this reason I (Jesus) say to you: do not be anxious for your life (health, breath, vitality, person); what you will eat, drink or be clothed in...Isn't your Life of greater Substance than the nourishment you need, and your body (soma) of greater Substance than external garments?

LOOK (apply sustained attention with focused gaze, implies into, perceive below the surface) at the birds of the heavens. They do not sow, harvest, nor gather (collect into storehouses) and still Your Heavenly Father (progenitor, author) nourishes them! 

Are you not of greater value and substance to Him (as His offspring) than they???

Live generously. For all that you need and have has never come from your own dutiful scrapping, and those who are His will never be out of what they need. 

Remember the miserly servant that knew the master's reputation and went and hid things? Fear always leads to shortage. His poverty didn't come from having nothing, it came from thinking that it was his, and that his own safety net was his top priority.

On repeat in my heart when I hear the Spirit whisper that I'm hurrying or being stingy in any way
"I always have enough."
"Everything I need, He has already given."
"My fear adds nothing."
"This is the victory that overcomes the world: EVEN OUR FAITH"

No one can tell me there's a shortage, or that there is something out there I need to be afraid of, or that I will not have enough. Because the Source can't dry up, and certainly won't dry up if the abundance is being offered back to Him for His own purpose.
I can only fear poverty if I have a sense that I need or deserve more than He is freely offering to me. 


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