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After years of chasing wholeness, the Word has explained to me why it can never come from foods, strength or flexibility in the body, religious forms and habits, tidiness. What they call "holistic" lifestyle is really quite the opposite since the pursuit of it (of itself) separates a person from their Source--the only way we can truly be healed, nourished, complete. Because PEACE is an inheritance. eiréné: Oneness. Soundness of body, mind and spirit. Health and welfare. Not lacking or fearful, because complete . "That they may be ONE as we are ONE" I heard the word GRIT in integrity yesterday. I asked the Word to explain why He was capitalizing those four letters in the midst of the English word inteGRITy. This morning He also offered that Integrity isn't just a willingness to work hard and do good. It is a willingness to receive grace to do it WHOLE. Attempts at integrity without Christ cause stress. This is not of Abba. This is going from slavery (self