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salt & light

 There is not one part of life that is without the Word. The Word IS LIFE, so therefore all that possesses Life is able to instruct. Our Abba designed us with the power of perception, to receive what is not visible. No other creature is able to do this.  We've got a little farm here. I knew going into livestock that I would learn a bundle, and it wouldn't be easy. What IS easy, is getting stuck on the visible, and the knowledge that abounds fear. I want to reiterate this Word I received years ago. Knowledge which separates the visible from the invisible is idolatry. Idols create fear . Eidolon  simply means "what is seen." Aha. Farm life. As I was saying, it is always a temptation to step out of faith and into the influence of human knowledge. There is a lot of information out there on keeping and nourishing livestock. And on far too many occasions, I fall into this trap of wanting to know what I'm doing.  I forget the Author is always ready with wisdom to offer.


  Oh, TASTE (sense, perceive) and SEE (enjoy, experience, consider, look) that YHVH is GOOD (beautiful, beneficial, choice, delightful, pleasing, sound, worthy, pure, sweet, best, gracious, handsome) How blessed (happy) is the one who seeks refuge (shelter, protection)  in Him. This morning, the Word spoke again: Anyone who "takes medicine" is agreeing that what is consumed or put into the body affects it. When you go out to a restaurant and thirty minutes later you are puking and have diarrhea, you automatically assume that "something I ate was not good."  This is acute cause and effect. Why, when the effect is cumulative and chronic, do we not assume the same?  We have a couple chickens named "the fasties". They are light brown leghorns and lay white eggs. When they were young, we noticed how fast they moved compared to the other chicks. They were nicknamed "big fastie" and "little fastie". One day I joked that I should feed my so


Every living thing is able to teach, to connect us integrally to the Source of our life. Every degree of separation from the life that sustains us--animals, plants and relationships with others--is a missed opportunity to receive increased faith and confidence in the Provider. Yesterday morning, the Word spoke this truth to me. For a while now, my faith has declared that we are only receivers. If we do not acknowledge (receive) Every Good Thing (gifts offered to us from the hand of the Lord), we miss out on the fullness of it! Now, hearing Him again, this is the Word He fed me: "I am constantly working to care for you." Wow. What a simple but loaded statement. I suppose in my mind, He was appearing a lazy God, just standing by and allowing Good Things to come my way, especially if I’m “good”. NO. After I received that Word, the ruminating began. A mother is always at work. Nourishing, training, affirming, and working very hard toward those goals. There’s no “off duty” time.