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salt & light

 There is not one part of life that is without the Word. The Word IS LIFE, so therefore all that possesses Life is able to instruct. Our Abba designed us with the power of perception, to receive what is not visible. No other creature is able to do this.  We've got a little farm here. I knew going into livestock that I would learn a bundle, and it wouldn't be easy. What IS easy, is getting stuck on the visible, and the knowledge that abounds fear. I want to reiterate this Word I received years ago. Knowledge which separates the visible from the invisible is idolatry. Idols create fear . Eidolon  simply means "what is seen." Aha. Farm life. As I was saying, it is always a temptation to step out of faith and into the influence of human knowledge. There is a lot of information out there on keeping and nourishing livestock. And on far too many occasions, I fall into this trap of wanting to know what I'm doing.  I forget the Author is always ready with wisdom to offer.