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After years of chasing wholeness, the Word has explained to me why it can never come from foods, strength or flexibility in the body, religious forms and habits, tidiness. What they call "holistic" lifestyle is really quite the opposite since the pursuit of it (of itself) separates a person from their Source--the only way we can truly be healed, nourished, complete.

Because PEACE is an inheritance. eiréné: Oneness. Soundness of body, mind and spirit. Health and welfare. Not lacking or fearful, because complete.
"That they may be ONE as we are ONE"

I heard the word GRIT in integrity yesterday. I asked the Word to explain why He was capitalizing those four letters in the midst of the English word inteGRITy.

This morning He also offered that Integrity isn't just a willingness to work hard and do good. It is a willingness to receive grace to do it WHOLE. Attempts at integrity without Christ cause stress. This is not of Abba. This is going from slavery (self indulgence) to slavery (religion).

Here is the Word I received revealing integrity
Integrity is THE INHERITANCE of Christ. It is GRACE: power (inherited) from Christ to be whole (holy), complete even in a struggle, temptation AND prosperity. 

Being submitted completely to Abba's authority as Christ's chosen and named, always, only is the One Source for integrity. Yehoshuah's chosen ones are heirs of power to train GRIT, not by work itself but by receiving His grace for excellence to the mind, body and spirit.

Heard Philippians 4 while ruminating these realities and He faithfully affirmed His voice, wisdom.

"Do not be anxious about anything...but IN ALL THINGS, pray, entreat, give thanks..."
The word merimnaó is the exact opposite of eiréné. Disintegrated by cares, fears. Literally, "divided into parts". This is who we are separate from Christ. Unwhole. Divided. Incomplete. Fearful. Anxious. DISTRACTED. This Word too, was unfolded for me in a new way a few days ago:
     ["A tract is a piece of land. An inheritance, that is. A portion received. The online etymology dictionary describes distraction as a turning aside from a point, to draw in different directions. Cut or separate into parts. The mind's capacity for complete attention is 100% an inherent trait as one who belongs to Christ--otherwise we have no capacity for focused attention--who we are is scattered, astray, disintegrated, fearful, simple-minded. To be disTRACTed is to sell off a portion of the inheritance of completeness, to become a slave to fear."]

But whatever is TRUE (authentic, without falsehoods). HONORABLE (worthy of awe). JUST (upright according to God). HOLY (without alloy). PLEASING (truly good). PRAISEWORTHY (His excellence). GOODNESS (intrinsic gravity). If there is enthusiastic approval and acknowledgement of His worth and glory, CONTEMPLATE THIS.

Sometimes Paul said things in a way that makes it sound like you can just put on actions that turn into faith. Maybe our Western Christianity Religion (spawn of Roman political agenda; what I am increasingly confident is "the strong delusion") just bent the words to make them sound that way.  In reality, Paul is describing the mind that is under the authority of Yehoshuah-the One deliverer from a scattered, disintegrated, unhealthy being: body, mind, spirit.

Souls are what make us different. Our desires and appetites. They will disintegrate us if we do not understand why they are embedded into our beings.  This is the reason confessing "Christians" do not understand the meaning of food. Why we are so attracted and captivated by it. Why we gather around it and feast upon it and derive pleasure from it.

It was through the Good Things of the nourishment realm He first enlightened me into what makes a thing Good--what gives it integrity. It is it's soundness, completeness that He designed. A food disintegrated no longer holds this quality, a thing separate from itself is dead...a mind distracted increases an appetite for incompleteness.
But pleasure without fullness is NOTHING. 

...and the God of PEACE will be with you.

We do not need theology, seminary to KNOW the will of the Lord. (in fact, it is these base approaches to learning in the pattern of Egypt that has caused such a multitude of blind teachers!) To receive wisdom and truth. We only need to inherit grace through Christ.

Testing the integrity of practices and things requires this grit. It is only through His wisdom that we can clearly distinguish what is truly good from what has devious origins. Through integral discipleship of our children lately, I've begun to see much more clearly than I did growing up religiously rejecting "pagan holidays" (and even some American ones), why they lack integrity. 
TEST AND APPROVE. Check for integrity at the roots. Dead or of Life? To receive faith to make distinctions is not religion. Religion is not faith.

Upon this Word, which The Lord faithfully reveals to His servant, I want to render the descriptions of some "Christianese" terms I think we have become too numb to receive...For myself I just never found them alive enough to take root and become something of Life in me. Until He defined them...and if this Word sparks Life in you, give ear, for He has Words to make you ALIVE, SEMPERVIRENS, too! I've spent some time ruminating and assimilating these Words because they came personally as my integral nourishment. These are His for me, and I am not deceived into believing that they could ever increase the growth of another person that is not rendering attention toward Him, inclining their own ear to His Word. I am not your bread. Your bread is complete and comes from One place. All we can get from another person is the renderings received, not the fullness He wants to offer us Himself.

Joy: energy and time submitted to Christ
Grace: power to hear, discern and do what is excellent, truly, integrally Good--for all parts of my being.
Faith: confidence in the unseen that supercedes and eradicates confidence in the visible(which can only offer fear and slavery: EGYPT --hear written prophecies.)
Mercy: the voice that SPEAKS FIRST when I am carrying burdens too great in the wrong direction, *asking* to take it and lead me in The Way.
Repentance: my *receiving* that offer.
Receive: Not to *take* (which leads to self-indulgence with even Good Things) but to ACKNOWLEDGE the One Source and His generosity, excellence, wisdom, completeness, mercy. 

GRIT is what YHVH wants in His heirs. Completeness as an inherited trait through the birth of Yehoshuah's blood. Grit that calls up to excellence with the power to do it wholeheartedly, not as a slave. To sense that I have all that I need, so I can do *this one thing* with fullness and joy.
Integrity is a Good Thing. It cannot be gotten any other way but as a gift of His kindness.
Knowing this, this is confidence. This is faith.


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