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a soil amendment that turns piles of manure into fertile soil.

salt also is a catalyst that tempers wildly inappropriate (excess) activity of zume.

Not long ago, the Holy Spirit nominated me a Salty Mother. It is my honor and cross to daily be at attention, using whatever crap shows up to amend the soil of my children's hearts. This is incredible mass to be converted into living, fertile substance for future fruitfulness! 

The Greek word δόξα (doxa) conveys weight, substance, and divine quality.

It is the glory of God in the body, in nature and in food that particularly attracts my attention. Being salt means for me, the weight, the substance, the divine quality that renders yeast into substantial fuel, and any challenge into discipleship, by taking on the yoke of Jesus Christ.

Greek word ἐπαισχύνομαι (epaischunomai) conveys ashamedness, a proper sense of error due to wrongly identifying, or misplaced confidence
With this confession, I'm here to take the piles of dung that have accumulated in my brain as far as food and the body, (human knowledge) and convert it into fertile mass AND nourishment for others. May my own idolatry (yeast) and confrontation of it (salt) become a living fuel (compost AND/OR bread) that nourishes multitudes. In my children, it is the soil I'm continually working. In the Kingdom outside my home, I am just Peter taking bread from Jesus and confidently giving it to the hungry crowd, knowing that the Source will never, ever run out. "Feed my lambs, feed my sheep"

In the yeast application, it is the diligent act of constantly tempering overgrowths. In the body, an overgrowth of yeast creates sickness. This overgrowth is fed by indulgence. 

This morning, a word to me:

If it is my desires inhibiting me from integral, engaged discipleship of my children, I am under the yoke of self-indulgence.

If it is what I think I "should" do inhibiting me from integral, engaged discipleship of my children, I am under the yoke of religion.

These two yokes are the constant bubbling activity that I have to engage my mind in order to temper.
My sin, the manure heap that repentance converts into substance for future fruitfulness.

Without confrontation, there is no fruit.
Idolatry and confidence cannot cohabit.

I longed for satiety, full confidence and ability to love unashamedly and without fear of lack. My idols kept that from becoming a reality.

What the Holy Spirit confronted in me was my wrongly placed identification and confidence in physical health, wellness, and food. All of these were shadows. His confrontation activated my vision to the truth and introduced me to the substance. 
"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen."

He did this so that by Christ, He Himself would fully satisfy every craving for pleasure, beauty and wisdom.

I can't wait to introduce you to all the wonderful things I have been offered!


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