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substance and shadow.

These are a shadow of the things to come, the Substance is Christ.

The word glory means weight. Substance.

If the eye is bad you can't tell the difference between what is real and what is false. There is a generic lack of discernment involving what is an idol.

Children of light. Phos. Without light, you can't see a shadow. Without substance, there are no shadows. But grasping for shadows themselves ends with jammed fingers and empty hands.

If you have not been reliable with the use of "things" --(shadows), who will entrust you with the reality--what is OF Truth--emphasizing the connection between what is True and it's Origin. alethinos, SUBSTANTIALLY true. Essentially true. Connecting visible facts to its underlying reality. This then emphasizes the integrity of what is true, down to the inner makeup--REALITY inside and out.

The Word. Logos. John 1. The Word became flesh. Logos gives physical form, a body, to an idea, giving it a body. If The Word is Life, Christ came to make this power visible to humans.

Separate of Him, nothing came into being (physical form). Nothing entered existence without the Word. Let there be...

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness (obscurity, lack of perception due to unbelief blocking the Light) did not *take hold of, catch, perceive, seize* it. In the midst of thick darkness because of a lack of faith, the Word is a vague idea, not a radiant reality.

The EYE is the lamp of the BODY. If the eye is clear (aplous: singular. focused. integral. undivided attention. without plurality.) the WHOLE (holos; whole, integral, complete) body will be radiant. Luminous. the revealing nature of Light.

But if the eye is bad (laborious, pain-ridden, slothful, miserable), the entire body will be dark--and in this darkness, one cannot grasp revelation-light.

If then the "light" that is in you is actually darkness, how great is this darkness.

No one can serve two masters. I cannot submit to God (he is One) and mamona "The treasure a person trusts in", which is eidolatreia. Eidos: service (is worship) latreia: what is seen (the visible).

Therein is the Light that radiates and gives SO MUCH CLARITY to "what is an idol".

Service (attention is worship) to what is visible.

You are not able (empowered) to love both. Christ said this. (Matt 6) He knows where the Power goes, and it isn't to enable people towards slavery.

If you think your eyesight is fine when you're really blind, you will miss the inheritance.

They will peddle to you what Christ offers for free, and to the fullest extent.

Here's what grasping at shadows looked like in me--pursuing a "holistic" lifestyle. What is real attracts me. I am not interested in anything fake or disintegrated. I want to test integrity of everything that is put before me. But for years, I pursued a lifestyle that was only the shadow of the Holiness that Christ wants for us.

The root word for health, whole and holy are one and the same. So guess what? When He said He is the "prince of peace", he wasn't talking about a "safe calm feeling". He was talking about wholeness, integral wellness for a being.

And yet--in Mark 6:5, it was his own that refused to believe He is who He says He is. It is my calling as a prophet to say this boldly:

One will never see the miracles He is capable of doing if we refuse to render Him full authority of the HEART (will) SOUL (breath) and STRENGTH (body).

He wondered at their unbelief.

"Why are you on the road to Egypt, looking for help and health in the waters of the Nile?" (jer. 2:18) Why are you looking to the science, of the magicians, the sorcery (pharmakeia) their astrology, their pantheistic ideas and worship that simply can. not. give an answer or a cure for your suffering?

I have no right to fullness, separate from Christ Himself.

Aren't the appetites His business? Aren't the issues about food and disease only the shadow of the reality of our spirits? Can we find the keys to the real life through the visible manifestations of the Word in the mystery of food? Isn't it as simple as "I set before you life and death. Choose life."?

I can pursue the visible because it 'makes sense', but what it means to be full of the Spirit is to allow Him unhindered authority without the other foot on what I can see. 

Cannot serve two masters.


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