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words of affirmation

For ground that drinks the rain which often falls on it and brings forth vegetation useful to those for whose sake it is also tilled, receives a blessing from God.
 Hebrews 6:7

Maybe a month ago I asked the Father why He never speaks words of approval and affirmation to me. Just like me to assume I know the way it is...

But it had to be quiet. To stop clamoring for attention and affirmation is to finally experience it.

Yesterday, I heard the answer so plainly, and so fresh that I knew it was Rhema. There is some great bread in my bread box, and when my heart is hungry I find myself there, seeking, too often. But when the taste of the Word lands in my spirit, there's no earthly thing that can attract my attention.

This week has been a series of fruitful days. I think one of the main complaints I hear from other mothers is the lack of recognition of a job well done. I suspect this is why we numb out on instagram--here we can #humblebrag (I competed for the worst), get comments and likes that patches up shallow feelings...for a minute. Then we go back for more because honestly, those highs don't last. We know it.

Yesterday, in the midst of working and ruminating, I was quiet enough to be filled. Really filled with the Word in this place of need and hunger. Sometimes, I hear it through my voice to my children, sometimes, I hear it quietly, personally. Inaudibly.

"Well done."
"You are doing a wonderful job."
"That is discipleship, right there."
"Look at your strength!"
"Capable woman. Diligent woman!"

Whatever the words, there was a time that I would have thought they were just proud thoughts. I would have needed some affirmation of their truth because I thought they originated in my own brain. To instagram or facebook I would go, and there, scatter abroad the very compliment and affirmation the Father was offering me--because I wanted to see it. Read it. Try to believe it.

Herein is contentment in work worth doing. To move about with intent to glorify God, offering thanks at every acknowledged Good Thing, to sow generously...and hear these Words. Let them sink deep, making the soul sing with passion and glow with contentment. Living Integral Faith Energy. LIFE. Complete and content, delighting in the goodness of work. Really letting it land. knowing in truth it is words from heaven, means that anxiously seeking compliments never needs to happen. Satiety in fullness. 

Because without faith, we go with what we see and make ourselves believe it's more real. Couldn't be further from the truth.

The many broken cisterns you'll see moms use--styling, pampering, drinking, gossiping, buying, getting away...all of it is as dry as two bones. You can't ever get away from yourself. And if yourself is discontent here, it'll also be discontent there. 

I mentioned to my daughter in Target, after Drew having to find himself a new wallet  (mine also having holes through which my card tries to escape)--"Goodwill has plenty of womens wallets. They don't get as many mens' wallets. Why do you think that is?" Arden: "Hmmm..."
"I think it's because women are known for getting more things when they don't need more things."

Total Money Makeover can't get you contentment nor generosity. I think the whole thing is bull, because if you're listening to Dave and getting stingy and miserly, you're not listening to Jesus who satisfies and deals with the ROOTS of discontent and fear. It's never about the stuff.

Holiness is fullness. I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED.

Do you know the kind of energy that comes from doing the will of God?

For earth that often drinks...

The compliments we pay ourselves, or those we subtly ask others to, carry no weight. Indeed, the Spirit encourages us through one another, and it is the blessing of God. The desire to be recognized as Good, separate from the voice of the Lord, is of no substance.
The Word of the Lord declaring our value provides everything, there are no deficiencies. None. 

But I never heard it until I stopped scrambling to get someone else to say the things I wanted to hear.
Discipline is never easy. But despite those moments of reproval for those He loves, He is so ready to speak Living Bread right into every spirit.


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